Conservation Matters

What good is an outdoor company that does not try to preserve the outdoors?

A portion of the proceeds fund conservation efforts around the globe for a better tomorrow. Efforts include community cleanups, climate crisis, rivers and the salmon/trout run, forest fires, mines, endangered species, invasive species, single use plastics, etc. 

As we start to narrow our focus on our own conservation efforts we would love your input! Please email us at, info@savagesupply, with matters dear to your heart. 

Environmental friendly products

Most of our products are made from recycled and sustainable material. T-Shirts and Hoodies are made from a 100% organic cotton or a combination of organic cotton and recycled polyester.

Organic Cotton - clean, natural growth of crops without the use of toxic pesticides that run off into our waterways. Local farmer and agriculture are an integral part of our economy and our menus. 

Recycled Polyester - 4 recycled bottles are shredded, melted, extruded, and sewn into each comfy tee. This is great for the environment and provides you a more comfortable and breathable product.

More than a company

Our goal is to create educate shoppers along with a better environment for the next generations. Specialty stores are the life breath of the outdoor sports and recreation world. The outdoor community needs these stores to help grow, educate, and protect the future. 




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